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Training and other programs

E-learning and Certifications

Beginning Computer, Email, & Internet Courses
The State Library maintains a resource page for how to find free or low-cost at-home internet access, where you can buy refurbished devices like laptop and desktop computers, and tablets, and the best sites for learning basic digital skills, which includes Northstar Digital Literacy. The Library funds Northstar Learner accounts for all Washingtonians, including the opportunity to take assessments and earn certificates and digital badges. Use the FIND A NORTHSTAR LOCATION tool, enter your zip code, and connect with a library or community partner near you.

LinkedIn Learning
Over 15,000 high-quality online courses taught by industry leaders and instructors in business, creative, and technology, covering a wide range of technical and soft skills, digital tools, and software titles. LinkedIn Learning is available at no charge through your local Washington public library, and at your local WorkSource Center.

Free software and IT certification for Washingtonians
Certification is the best way to validate skills and knowledge to employers, to increase employability and wages. Washingtonians are eligible to receive free certification prep resources, and exam vouchers to become certified in dozens of software applications like Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, Quickbooks, and entry-level IT and computer science certifications. Contact your local Washington public library, or the State Library, to learn more.

Financial aid

Pell Grants for unemployed workers
Learn about Pell Grants and other sources of financial aid to pay for job training or education.

Training benefits

Worker retraining
If you’re unemployed and want to train for a new career or improve your skills, the Worker Retraining Program may help you pay for tuition and related expenses. Find a participating school to learn more.

Training Benefits
The Training Benefits program offers additional weeks of unemployment benefits so eligible claimants can train for careers in a high-demand field.

Eligible Training Providers (ETP)

Career Bridge
Career Bridge is the web site for Washington state's Eligible Training Provider (ETP) list. The ETP List ensures that certain performance standards are met for programs receiving federal workforce funding under the Workforce Investment Act. Career Bridge matches each job with education and training programs offered throughout the state. Future students can see at a glance the cost of tuition, books and other fees, the location and length of training, entrance requirements and more, as they consider pursuing a particular career path.

Colleges and universities

Washington State Colleges and Universities
A complete list of degree-granting colleges and universities legally operating in Washington.

Other resources

Work Opportunity Tax Credit
Employers can save thousands on their federal taxes when they hire certain workers through the Work Opportunity Tax Credit. The amount of credit varies from $2,400 to $9,600 depending on the individual hired. Eligible workers include military veterans, food stamp and welfare recipients, ex-felons, individuals with disabilities and recipients of Supplemental Security Income. To learn more, contact WorkSource, visit the Employment Security Department website or call 800-339-3981.

Washington State Bonding Program
Some businesses require employees who handle cash or valuables to be bonded. The Employment Security Department provides bonds to individuals who have been denied coverage by a private carrier due to a conviction history, bad credit, drug use or insufficient work experience. To learn more, contact WorkSource, visit the Employment Security Department website or call 800-339-3981.