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For a long time, high school students heard, “If you don’t get into college, you should consider an apprenticeship.” Now, with the nation focused on work-based learning, more and more students are being encouraged to think about an apprenticeship program first. That’s because apprenticeships are more affordable and often lead to better paying, in-demand careers.

Apprentices come from all walks of life and backgrounds. Visit the links below to learn how you can become an apprentice.

All adults
Steps to become an apprentice.

See how Kitsap Naval Base and JBLM Garrison Commands support pathways to employment for transitioning service members.

Visit ANEW to explore apprenticeship and non-traditional employment opportunities for woman.

See if an apprenticeship is right for you and explore potential careers.

Changed lives...

These people have found fulfilling and sustainable careers using Registered Apprenticeship.

"You leave your apprenticeship ready to work out in the field - boots on the ground.  Plus, you’ll earn a killer wage with great health care and a great retirement plan." - Ryan Brandt


"I am very proud of sticking with it and finishing the goal I set. Knowing that I can call myself an industry professional and having the certificates to prove it gives me a great sense of accomplishment." - Evan Thomas


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